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Kids Running

About Blended Bridges

Blended Bridges is a program designed to help blended families of Deaf and hearing improve their sign language communication skills. We offer fun events throughout the year that are free for these families. One of our favorite events is our ASL Camp. We provide opportunities for families to improve their sign language skills through music, games, art, and fellowship.


Check out the testimony from one of our camp families!

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History of Bridges

A teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing in the public school system shared with Blended Fellowship how many students arrive their first day of school with little to no language. These children need an accessible language: sign language. In 2012, Blended Bridges began as a summer day camp for Deaf/HOH students, as well as their hearing siblings. We focused on sign language communication for the hearing students while assisting the Deaf students with academic support. As Bridges continued to grow each year, the communication needs within family units became clear. Bridges shifted into an ASL immersion camp which encouraged all of the students to communicate with each other with a focus on those within the same household.

Kids Running

2020 & Beyond

Due to the pandemic in 2020, we conducted an online version of Bridges. Having the students meet with us from within their own homes allowed us the opportunity to work with their parents and guardians, as well. God works all things together for good! We realized the need for parents and other family members to improve their signing skills, as well as the kids. Because the need for sign language communication between hearing parents and their Deaf/HOH children is critical, we decided to broaden our horizon and include parents and guardians in the program as much as possible.​


Blended Bridges Newsletter

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